News from Creativity: ZocDoc Shows How Visiting the Doctor Can Be Kafka-esque

By Alexandra Jardine. Originally posted on Creativity.

Editor’s Pick
Earlier this year, online medical booking system ZocDoc launched a funny campaign through Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York that centered around the pitfalls of calling the doctor from your office. That agency is now defunct, but the shop that has risen from its ashes, Office of Baby, founded by Nathan Frank and Paul Caiozzo, has created a new one for the brand that has the same edgy humor.

This time ZocDoc recreates the Kafka-esque nightmare that can be a visit to the doctor’s office in the U.S., with a receptionist throwing out unfathomable acronyms as a harried mom struggles to understand her insurance plan while her child screams. Glenn Martin of Untitled directed the new spot.